SWS Summer School is an intensive 1-week introduction to community organizing and social change, taking place at sites across London from 7th – 14th July 2012. It is free. Watch this space for the curriculum and surrounding events will be launched soon.

The deadline for applications has been extended until Monday 2nd July. To find out more and fill in the application form, follow this link. (http://www.sowestand.com/

The School is designed for young people who see and experience economic injustice, pollution and racism in their communities and want to find effective and creative ways of fighting for social justice. In particular, it is dedicated to building the skills of young; women, people of colour, disabled, working class, and LGBTQI people as the next generation of leaders in the social justice movement. So if you are aged 16 – 30 and want support in how to effectively tackle these issues (or know someone who does) then read on!

The objective of the School is to channel political anger into effective community organising and community self-defense by offering political education, skills sharing, popular education training and mentoring from some of the UK’s leading social and racial justice groups (http://sowestand.com/2012/05/09/so-we-stand-activism-summer-school-in-community-organising-and-social-justice-contributors/)

The School seeks to deepen our understanding of power and resistance in the UK and learn how to turn marginalisation and isolation into politically powerful support systems.

Taking place in sites of struggle across London, together we will share our knowledge, skills and experiences to enable long term strategic organising. The participants will be challenged with new ways of thinking, provocative speakers, inspiring mentors and fascinating guests with a deep understanding of engaging with the ‘head, heart and hand’. Following on from the School, participants can choose to be connected with diverse and tailored mentor opportunities for 1-3 months (and onwards) with leading UK grassroots communities and campaigners to deepen the practice of what you will have learnt.

From an email - interesting free event on social change / political action for young people. They’re particularly keen to get lots of LGBTQI people involved, so pass it on to anyone who may be interested.