Trans History for LGBT History Month - Michael Dillon (1 May 1915 - 15 May 1962)


Michael Dillon was a British doctor, and the first trans man to undergo phalloplasty.  Michael studied at Oxford where it became clear that he was more comfortable dressing in men’s clothing. 

In 1939, he found a doctor experimenting with testosterone to prescribe him testosterone pills, even though the doctor was testing the pills’ effect on excessive menstrual bleeding.  Soon enough, Michael began to pass as male and began to work at a garage where he was respected as such. 

He eventually came in contact with one of England’s only plastic surgeons, who agreed to perform a double mastectomy and gave him a note to change his birth certificate.  This doctor also put Michael in contact with Dr. Harold Gillies, who was known for reconstructing penises for injured soldiers and performing surgery on intersex people.  Between 1946 and 1949, Gillies performed at least 13 surgeries on Michael for a successful phalloplasty.

Dillon was outed in the press after his trans history was discovered in 1958. The unwanted attention drove him to flee to India, where he eventually became a Buddhist monk. He died in India at the age of 47.

Source: Wikipedia

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