Life Drawing Project for Trans & Intersex People - All travel expenses refunded!


Are you a trans or intersex person of any age (over 16) who would like to be involved in an exciting new life drawing project?

Gendered Intelligence has been awarded a £30,000 grant from the Wellcome Trust for “GI’s Anatomy” - a series of practical life drawing workshops with transgender and intersex participants exploring the science of non-normative sexed and gendered bodies through art.

The project will include:

  • A series of life drawing workshops drawing trans and intersex life models (no prior artistic experience necessary)
  • Presentations from professionals on medical practice around sex and gender, including Mr Nim Christopher (phalloplasty surgeon) and Dr Polly Carmichael (specialist in gender identity development and disorders of sex development (DSD))
  • Group discussions around the science of non-normative sexed and gendered bodies
  • Visits to galleries / art exhibitions to inspire our work

The work produced on the project will then be showcased at a number of exhibitions and online via social media.

We’re looking for two groups of people to participate:

  • 15 young trans and/or intersex people aged between 16-25
  • 15 trans and/or intersex people aged 26 and over

Sessions will run on 9th February, 16th February, 2nd March and 16th March in London. Participants should be available to attend most/all sessions.

We can refund your full travel costs to London to attend the sessions. (UK only).

If you would like to participate, please fill in this application form. Places may fill up quickly - get in touch with us ASAP if you want to take part!

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    We’re allocating the last of our places for this project tomorrow. If you are a trans woman, a non-binary trans person...
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    Are you a trans or intersex person of any age (over 16) who would like to be involved in an exciting new life drawing...
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